Alarm Receiving Centre

An overview of National monitoring services provided by Reay Security Ltd.

Introduction to the ARC

What is the ARC

The ARC is a category 2 building, constructed to and in line with government standards governing Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and accredited with BS8591-2014. The ARC main function is to transmit and receive secure remote data.

Why have an ARC

To offer a complete service of alternatives, with the emphasis being placed upon service delivery and best value. By being able to provide both local and remote services within one package creates access into a wide market base. This is why the ARC is an integral part of Reay Security Ltd which enables a wide range of benefits to the client build around service flexibility.

When looking for a security solution, the normal practise is to source a contractor/consultant who will build a security solution from information supplied and questions asked. The proposal will then pass though the tender stage, the installation completed, handover completed with the security system responsibility being transferred to the client.

The all-inclusive service is a system service rental, the above process of identifying the security solution remains the same however the system financial responsibility, installation, development, replacement, upgrade and agreed support service remains the responsibility and liability of Reay Security Limited at a fixed monthly charge.

Services include however not limited the key areas are, CCTv, fire, intruder, access and automatic barrier and gate operation systems. These systems can be in any install in any combination and are completely supported under a comprehensive service level agreement. The service provision can be either a full remote system or alternatively a locally monitored system bespoke to individual client requirement.

For example a standard remote All-Inclusive Service would include:

  • System design, installation and commissioning.
  • Remote management services.
  • Engineer support both reactive and pro-active unlimited services.
  • Mobile system support services.
  • Key holding and escort services.
  • Man Guarding services, unlimited and inclusive in the event of system failure.
  • Management.

The All- Inclusive Service also can be incorporated into a full facility management package.