Intruder Alarms & Systems

Nationally, Reay Security Ltd have you covered.

The solution to your problem

Theft and criminal damage by intruders are a constant threat and an ever increasing cost to businesses. Whether you need external intruder detection, building security or to safeguard key points around your premises we will find a solution to meet your needs. They will assess your premises and requirements and construct an intruder alarm utilising the latest leading edge technology and techniques.

All security systems installed by Reay Security Ltd are specifically designed to be user friendly and to comply with DD243, PD6662 AND EN5013-1

Reay Security Ltd is certified by the S.S.A.I.B (Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board) for the following services: design, installation, corrective and preventative maintenance of intruder alarm systems in accordance with the requirements of the ACPO/ABI sector scheme.

Remote monitoring of your intruder alarm system at our state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre, for further details please see the Alarm Receiving Centre section on this site.